Friday, October 28, 2005

"Slap my arse and call me Bunny..."

I hate blogs.
No, really.

But, just like the need to pass gas when friends are staying over for a week, it's an urge one just can't fight. Forums aplenty, mates afew, and random aquaintances, from time to time, have all borne witness to my uncontrollable urge to give my random thoughts substance, to keep records and offer them up for grabs to anyone who cares to read them. A diary, you see, is not something a friend would just randomly pick up and read, should they feel to. A blog is here, on the web of webs, and you're all invited to glimpse into my soul. Not that you want to, but hey...

And no, I won't force you to. You're not even obliged, as friends or aquaintances, to pretend you do, or even to lie that it's a good idea.

I was thinking of naming it "Snippets of Reflection upon Popular Culture, and its Vessel: Humanity". Ain't that soooo pretentious? Well, that's me. Sometimes. A me I can keep contained in here, hopefully, to avoid me bothering the people who might otherwise enjoy my company.

Here it goes...


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