Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Artists are people too...

Just to make things clear, I use the term "artist" here loosely. Just take it to mean "anyone whose creations you admire, love or value in any way". And yep, contrary to what you may think or feel, they're people too. You may place them on pedestalls in your heart, you may be grateful that they exist, create and share their works with you, but we're still created equal. And yes, I'm not that oblivious, I know that you've probably figured that out by now.

I'm just writing this to remind everyone, including myself, of this simple fact: You can be like them if you want to. And you won't be all that different to the way you are now. All you need to do is figure out a way, and follow it through, and you'll get there eventually. Just define your target, keep it clear in your head, and once you reach it, change it. And, of course, don't be affected by any "dream come true" crisis, 'cause that happens quite a lot.

I've met people whom I consider "somebodies" in various creative fields. I've known some people whom I consider "somebodies" before they even started being so. Big or small, our input into this world is bound to be valued by someone out there, even if it's just our mother or our friends. And the only way for people to appreciate what you are is to show them. Put something out there for the world to see, don't just daydream of it - find a way.

Joss Whedon, Rob Thomas, the Weinstein brothers, Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison, Scott Kurtz, that guy who started wikipedia, Than and most of my closest friends (most of them have something in my links there --->), they're all people I admire, and this is far from the full list, but none of these people seem 100% happy with themselves. It's a shame, the way I see it, but that's what keeps them going: they still have things to strive for. They're all, to some level, open to or grateful for your admiration, but they're still unsatisfied. Just like you probably are.

You meet people, and they're all potentially loveable, depending on how well you get to know them, how effectively they show themselves and how compatible your personalities happen to be. Same goes with people you admire. The only thing that separates "artists" (of the "famous" variety) from the rest of us folk is that they express themselves through things that have reached you before their physical presence has managed to do the same.

And yes, next time I see Joss Whedon, my heart will flutter, I will be honoured by the simple sight of his quirky auburn hair. He will still be one of the folk that make me who I am, and show me who I want to be. But for himself, he'll still be just a guy (sorry Ted :P).

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Natalia said...

I so very much agree. I have met enough artists to know that it is their very humanity that helps them create something that moves us.

Great post.