Wednesday, January 18, 2006


I must begin by stating that these initials have been coined by my friend Daniel - DJ, translator, pedant and stoner extraordinaire, altogether quite a sexy fellow and co-creator and president of our own fictional country which is made for half-breeds like us, who are considered Greek when in England and English when in Greece. The initials mean "I Was Young So It's OK", and they're all about how things you did when you were younger may appear almost idiotic to you today, but you really can't spend time worrying about it; it's all understandable really, I Was Young So It's OK.

It can be wonderful, every once in a while, to visit your past in your head, to wonder whether your "old self" of whatever moment in time would think of yourself now and vice-versa, if the two of you (pun intended) were to actually meet and engage in casual (or deeper) conversation. What you wore back then, what you looked like, what you believed, the way you thought or acted in different circumstances or even the people you tended to like or dislike... It all helps put things in perspective: all your thoughts, hopes, fears, expectations, the things you take for granted or the things you don't trust... It all seems so trivial when you see it through the eyes of someone that's beyond the outlook of these two people, who may be so different in many respects and so similar in others; these two aspects of you.

Both the way you see your past self, and the way your past self would view "the you of today", or even an impartial comparison of the two (or three or googol plex) aspects of the same person can potentially make you wiser, even if just for a few moments of innocent contemplation, in the shower or before you fall asleep. Try it, it's worth the pain.


Atalante said...

If you unwrap all these 'I's, it's just you, though.

[Allow me to state the obvious too ;P]

I mean... You mentioned it in one of your blog posts, the same way you focus on the differences, you can focus on the similarities - I know that you love similarities anyway. You've heard me going even further in this train of thought.

Bunny Dee said...

Yep, it's still you :)
But that's OK too... everything matters only from the perspective(s) you choose to see it at the time, and sometimes it can make your life SO much easier to say "IWYSIOK" :P
I know it's helped me at least :P

If I linked posts, this would go with the one about "Change" anyway :P