Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Take it easy, take it from me

So... I'm in Greece, on steroid treatment (which is actually working) and on sets doing practical work. Unpaid (except for the extra parts) and fresh, well enough to do things I'm not really well enough for (if that's not a sign of my getting better, I don't know what is) and happy as a happy cow, I'm actually doing something with most of my day and appreciating the simple things in life.

Which brings us to the question: How come I didn't do these things sooner? How come I didn't live my life to the max, but just overblew things in my mind instead, before I could do anything useful about them or in general?

Life is essentially simple and comprehensible, easy to manage if one knows what one wants. And I wonder what tiny little imp in our brains screws things up sometimes, making things seem so complicated and serious...

I must officially state that I've decided to take things lightly. If it's important, but I can't do anything about it, then worrying won't help the matter at all. If I think of something to do about an issue, I'll just have to do it. And prioritising is always the way to go - which, essentially, is always a personal choice, and people always understand. If you can't make it "just because", and they can accept that, then why not accept that you can't make it because you have a reason / excuse / don't bloody well want to?

So no, I don't own the world, and I'm not responsible for its emotional wellbeing. No, really. I'm not. And if you have any objections, you can carefully examine the specifics of how I don't care, and still achieve more than I used to.

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