Monday, February 26, 2007

And the Oscar goes to... the year 2007!

It's official. 2007 is the year when everyone officially gets what they're officially due. Martin Scorsese is now an Oscar-winning director, just like I was afraid would never happen.

I imagined him walking on the red carpet, 98 years old, there to receive his 'Lifetime Achievement' tosh, just because he'd have to. Too little, too late and all that. I sincerely imagined that was the way it would go, even after he made a film where all the classic Marty directorial trademarks were featured, even highlighted. I imagined it was named 'The Departed' for a reason.

For some reason, 2006 had me convinced that 'it's just not worth trying'. That the Powers That Be made no excuse for anyone - heck, I was sure that life made no excuse for anyone, that when you'd failed at something, that was it, you just had to learn to live with it.

But, up to now, this year, barely two months old, has shown me otherwise. Personally, socially and culturally, the moral of the story is that persistence pays off. And what's ironic about this is that the one who made me realize is the man who 'made my man want to be a director', as cheesy as that may sound. Marty winning a golden statue is a perfect symbol for the Duck winning my heart.

And, of course, him winning for The Departed, whilst not being departed himself yet, is the perfect middle-finger award to said Powers That Be.

(and here's where I'm supposed to whine about Children of Men almost being ignored by the Oscars, but what the heck, I must keep my hopes up, I must follow the teachings I was taught, I must still have hope...)

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