Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Five-by-Five Pyramid, or whatnot

It seems to be an unofficial mark of success for anything that starts off in Greek nowadays, that it ends up being approached in English as well, right? So, as you can probably see in the comments of the post below - that's if you bother reading them - or if you follow the 'pyramid' at all, I was approached concerning a game, of sorts, which requires me to mention five facts about myself, then nominate five more bloggers that would do the same. And, obviously, I would have to fit this concept in with the pretentious, navel-gazing style of my own blog. So, here goes...

1. I believe in shades of gray. I may have mentioned this before, but it seems to me - and I must consider myself an expert of sorts on the subject of 'myself' - like a fact that would describe me and this 'ere blog like a charm.

2. The three men I am allowed to go to bed with, without asking Than first, are Joss Whedon, Brian K. Vaughan and Jon Stewart. Screenwriting, comics writing and just plain TV. The funny thing is, they're all married, as far as I know - isn't that delightfully ironic?

3. Three is one of my lucky numbers. Me believing in luck, of course, is just me following a social convention, which can be fun, and draws on the human tendency of finding patterns in random things. Just like participating in such pyramids.

4. That said, I also believe that the world somehow makes sense. I'd have to believe that, to avoid going mad and all... I believe that scientific thought is a very good way for humanity to chase this, but I still believe we must have faith in the Universe and the way-too-complex-and-unfathomable ways it works, which we are probably unfit to comprehend, barely able to stand in awe of, and still a part of.

5. I love Than. I really do. You might have already noticed, if you're one of the... three avid readers of my blog, but, almost five years along the line, I sometimes need to reassess the ways in which I do, the kind of judgmental, non-supportive and impatient bitch I can occasionally morph into.

And now to pass the ball on. I will now proceed to make my choice out of the very few bloggers I know of (*drumroll*)...

I choose Tyler of US TV, first and foremost, because he's my favorite blogger this side of Mars, and because I'd love to see how he'd manage to fit the premise of the game in with the excellently concise TV theme of his blog.

I choose FloppyKat of What'sTheMatterBaby, 'cause I love her too, although I haven't had the chance to make her life hell yet, and I hope I won't. Her blog idea is cool as well, and it would also be fun to see her take part in the game.

I choose Oneiros of Non-Linear Complexity, 'cause he's a pretty decent thinker in my book, and I was just recently reconnected with his existence.

I choose Konstantinos of cpil.info, mainly because he's already been tagged and won't have to bother with the whole thing (is that cheating?).

Finally, I choose Nikos Dimou, officially the smartest man of his age in Greece, in my book, because, hey, I thought it would be worth a try, even if he ignores me, which he most probably - and rightfully - will.


Oneiros said...

Peachy keen!
I dig the new theme (cabbage, right? ;-p)

PS: You'd better tag the cat...

Floppykat said...

You make an ego-maniac happy!