Monday, April 16, 2007

Po-Mo Emo

...or Meta-Emo if you will, but it sounds less pretentious without the alliteration. And it's only fitting to have a po-mo title for a meta-po-mo post.

So, this is how it goes: Than woke me up with this song today, called Emo Kid. It's by two guys (a band) called Adam and Andrew, and it's all about, well, an emo kid. At first, I thought it was a Liam Lynch 'fake song' kind of thing, but then, as I was listening to the lyrics, I realized that it wasn't - it was not his voice singing them, now, was it? So, no, it couldn't be the same guy, and thus it couldn't be the same kind of art 100%.

And I asked Than if he'd seen the guys, if he'd heard any more of their songs et cetera... What I was really asking was if, in fact, as I'd kind-of-guessed, they were what I have now, as you've discovered, decided to call 'po-mo emo'. If they were actually emo kids themselves, in a way, which had delved deep enough in the whole emo culture thing to look back, almost introspectively, and wrote a song (songs, in fact, as I later discovered through their myspace, where I found this song and others in the same general 'culture' theme, as well as photos that seemed quite emo to me) that was really indicative of the culture that they were describing there. And, as you can see for yourselves, they do describe their band genre as 'Comedy/Emo/Rap', so, yes, they do know this for themselves.

And they're not the only band that does this, obviously. Not just for emo, but every genre/subculture has its own band(s) that have gone off and embraced what they love and have been 'schooled' in enough to go about it in a 'meta' way and even make this their 'schtick'. And good on them for doing so, from where I stand.

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