Monday, November 28, 2005

Social Science Non-Fiction

When you fantasize about finding a time machine, going back in time and impressing the "people of the past" with "the future" you live in - everyone does that, right? I'm not just weird or anything, huh? Oh well... - you usually think in terms of gadgets you can carry with you... Like, say, the new cellphone with a 2 Megapixel camera, a colour screen, an mp3 player and internet capabilities...

But, actually, what will be taught in the future about our era, in the same "world-changing" way that the Industrial Revolution, the formulation of modern scientific thought after the Middle Ages, or the invention of writing is taught and discussed today, is the Internet, alone and in its entirety.

Its social, cultural, philosophical, political etc applications are already huge, while its actual potential is not even close to being explored. So I can't help but thank Time and Mankind for the chance to be present during its conception, birth and early steps, and I can't wait to see its potential unravel. So far, despite its many shortcomings and problems (useless websites, forum flame threads and secretly-fat-girl-angle-shots, among others), I'm really proud of its path in recent history.

Saint Isaac of Scientific Humanism would be proud.

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