Thursday, February 16, 2006

Propaganda? On who, me?

I watched Munich, and talked about it for hours, and heard about Frank Miller's take on Batman beating up the Al Quaeda... And I've heard all sorts of people talk about the political aspect of these things, and I just had a couple of things to say about why I'm not bothered with it...

You see, the "World War III" thing hasn't touched me and mine, at least not yet. And for the time being, I'm allowed to be unaffected by it, thankfully - above and beyond it, and only caring about the art beside it... And for now, if I'm satisfied with that, I have no sides to take.

Yes, both Al Quaeda and the Americans have done nasty and cruel things - and the Jews and everyone who's affected by it do nasty things of their own. I notice, I see, from outside, and I don't like what each side does. I'm not going to "rank the evil", not now, and I'm not going to say one side is "more correct" than the other. There are stupid Arabs who don't think straight in the middle of all this, just as there are idiotic Americans or ones that have "selfish" reasons to think and act the way they do... And there are many, if not all, whose lives really matter, who don't have a choice really if they should give their lives to this cause, or who deliberately choose the cause, whatever it may be, above their own lives, and still leave people behind who care for them. Well, I'm truly sorry to these people, but it's a war, these things happen, and there's pain and evil all around.

And since, for the time being, I can stay out of it and be glad to love the people I love, whether they're all friends who aren't part of this or people that I admire who may or may not be, I can stay here, in my little war-shelter, and worry about the things I worry about every day. I'm truly sorry to the ones on each side that lose people they love, and if I want someone to win I know who it is - I want America to emerge victorious yet battered and poor from all this, but that's because I've lived all my life with an American world-government and I'm scared as to what it would be like with an Arab one...

But still, there's so much "propaganda" in what America produces, and I care for what it does not so much because of its content but because of its form. So if I'm unaffected by what it's trying to say ideology-wise, I don't really have to care if it's convincing people that one side is bad or that the other side is worse... It won't convince me to change what I believe - other, more important things will. I'll take the art for what it is, love it if it's good, hate it if it's bad, and just be glad that I can... I've dedicated my life to this stuff, my heart, but not my mind.

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