Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Tiger And His Stripes

I was just saying, with a friend, that I don't really agree with the saying that "a tiger can't change his stripes"... It sounds true, I know, but when attributed to people and to "the way they are", it just sounds a tad unfitting.

People are complicated creatures, and they can see things inside them as their "stripes" when they're just temporary markings on their skin, little lines of wash-away paint that just repeat themselves often because you pass through the same freshly painted place too often. Or maybe they are your stripes, but people are unique in that they have paintbrushes and hair dyes...

People have the power to change if they want to... To change anything that annoys them, other than the past of course... But even in the past, there are reasons in the present that make it so annoying (Like, what if you got amnesia? Would it still matter? :P)
And, again, a human tiger CAN change his stripes, if he wants to...

Still, I never, ever said that you need to change to the other side... A common tiger may be disappointed with his stripes and want to emerge stripeless from the whole thing, instead of getting ones he likes... Why bother? There are so many things one can change for them to be happy... A tiger can just have different stripes, that are better than the previous ones, that satisfy him completely, that make him happy. There's no need to take things to extremes.

What matters really is finding the right balance, the right pattern, the right stripes. And sometimes you don't really have to change your stripes, if you find reasons why they've been pretty all along... It does help though, if you change even a tiny edge of the ones you have, the rest are always easier to accept.

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