Saturday, October 14, 2006

Ahoy, Cult Leaders!

Heading fast towards the end of this course, possibly able to finally obtain a university diploma after 7 long years in academia, this year already seems worth my while.

The Blockbusters course, for which we have to write 8000 words overall on a relevant topic of our own choosing, led me to what was, for me, a fairly obvious choice: to examine how on earth a cult-followed yet academically and mainstream audience quasi-ignored auteur, Sam Raimi, managed to fulfill a fanboy's dream and make the most box office successful film of all times, Spiderman.

I love to dwell on things that seem like paradoxes, whether they're "positive" or "negative" ones. And it does seem like an amazing paradox, an unexpected victory on the part of the "team" of us geeky fan-kids, that one day the world seemed to wake up and acknowledge not only our existence, but our "superiority" in a sense. And the sense, in fact, that seems to matter most to it: $$$!

The type of people that I feel like I belong to, that sad portion of overcultured and hyperenthusiastic humanity that is grouped together, not by a religion or a football team, but by a shared love for things that other people make up for us, usually come out as losers in the big game of living in a society governed by tangible objects and the fulfillment of everyday needs. And it does indeed seem important when "we" feel acknowledged, because "one of us, one of us, one of us" emerges victorious.

So, although 8000 words on my part do seem like enough of a tribute to "our" Uncle Sam - I'm only a human typewriter after all - I just needed to add the icing on the tribute cake with a blogpost today. Sam Raimi, thank you, and I hope it marked the beginning of a new era, within which being geeky is officially the way to go - nerds had their time with the rise of the internet era after all, it's our turn now ;)

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