Saturday, October 14, 2006

What I want to be when I grow up

As long as I remember myself, I've been searching around in dark alleys of my mind and the world around me, trying to figure out what I'm supposed to do for a living. I went through various phases, performing theoretical acrobatics between the sciences and the arts, delving in various fields that made me almost certain that I'd finally found the answer, with the latest of which being screenwriting - an art that I do, in fact, want to keep up if I can.

But what recently dawned upon me is that I don't need to fulfill any bills pre-assigned to me at birth, if I truly want to do something with my life. I just have to find a way to do what I'd be doing anyway, and find a way to eventually get paid for it. After all, everyone has some use in this world essentially...

So I thought, hey, what do I do all the time? I write. I don't necessarily tell stories, in fact I love to have stories told to me - some of you may already know that Than tells me one every night as we go to bed, prompted by two random words that I select for him, and even despite that, I've spent my life absorbing and enthusing upon stories in books or comics that I read, films or series that I watch, even lyrics that I listen to, which always have a story behind them in order to make me happy.

Most of all I like to have stories told to me, in one way or another, and then write something that, effectively, says "thank you". Whether it's a blogpost, a "notepad diary" .txt, a forum post or a story, screenplay or set of lyrics, I express my gratitude through words, just because I think in written form anyway (Than has actually claimed that I'm able to correct spelling mistakes in someone's speech...). And hey, I was lucky enough to fall into the social sciences, a Film Studies course in particular, which has so far allowed me not only to experiment in the field of screenwriting and video production, but to see that it's a good thing to discuss and write about things that other people make.

So yes, the man I have beside me right now is one whose destiny is to tell stories - through making comics or directing, or hopefully both. But, being the person that I am, and despite the fact that I will occasionally tell stories of my own to express the fact that I'm glad when other people do, I now think it's my destiny to spend the rest of my life saying "thank you" to people who tell me good stories, whether it be in academia, magazines, websites or just in a cafe with my friends.

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