Monday, February 26, 2007

Ess-Tee, with a Double Jay!

I have, throughout my life, hated Star Trek with a passion. Hated its passionate fans, hated its convoluted, technobabble-infested world view, hated the fact that, socially, being an officially acclaimed geek, trying to openly accept everything cultural that's loved by someone, I was supposed to like - or at least accept - the damn thing. And, most of all, I hated the fact that some people I admire had contributed to it creatively - like Harlan Ellison, for one, the man who always finds the way not to allow me to admire him.

But now, it's official: there might be hope for my relationship with the Star Trek universe. JJ Abrams, the one man who's able to show me why it's OK not to care about the 'real world' when watching something made up, allowing me to suspend disbelief and actually enjoy what I normally take as daft narrative conventions, is - officially, at last - going ahead with Star Trek XI.

I think it's going to be released just for me, just to make amends for all these years of wondering why I can't like Star Trek, even after acknowledging its 'good points'. Just for me, I tell you. And if there's anyone out there who's able to set things up so that I can be allowed to like things I've gone on hatred rants about in the past, it's JJ. Like he did in Alias or MI:III, not explaining things too much, not trying to justify his approach, just going along with it, in a way that told you 'I know what I'm doing, don't worry, it's the way these things are done. It's cool, it's fun, just sit down and enjoy it!'

Oh well, it's Star Trek's last chance, for me anyway. If this man proves unable to help me let go of the prissy look I have learned to instantly acquire towards the Universe every time it's even mentioned, there's nothing else, I gather, that will ever let me. But, for now, I'm giving him a chance over that part of my soul and offering him temporary free reign over it. Frankly, it feels like opening your mouth for the dentist, letting him do his thing and hoping it won't hurt.

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